Jun 27, 2010

Summer Cocktail Series: The Mango Monster

Today I've learned that no matter how charming a pre-war (as in pre-WWI) apartment is, you really shouldn't rent an apartment without air conditioning. All the high ceilings, marble fireplace mantels and 6" windows in the world do not make up for the miseries of June. With 3 large fans going, it still might be in the mid-80's in the apartment.

So I did what any other gal in this situation would do: Make a cocktail.

I had a near over-ripe mango languishing in the refrigerator, awaiting some sort of use. So why not puree and spike it with a spirit of some sort?

This had its pros and cons. Pro: Mangoes are easy to puree into deliciousness. They can pair with any type of common bar spirit (except maybe gin, I'd guess). Con: If you puree it without straining afterwards, you end up with disgusting little mango "hairs" in your cocktail glass. And if you don't dilute the puree with something else, you'll feel like you're eating boozy baby food. Water works fine, but I used lemonade to cut the sweet mango. But really, you need to strain it. Mango hairs=disgusting.

The Mango Monster
Serves 2, but who are we kidding?
1 very ripe mango
2 oz+ rum (light or dark, depending on preference)
splash triple sec (optional)
splash lemonade or water, to get the texture right

Cut up mango (taking the skin off of course), puree the dickens out of it. Add rum, optional triple sec and lemonade, puree some more. If it's too thick, add more lemonade. Strain through a sieve, pushing around the pulp with a spoon to get things flowing, into martini glass. Enjoy as you read a 1962 printing of Sex and the Single Girl--after all, Helen Gurley Brown didn't have air conditioning either.

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