Apr 15, 2010

New Cocktail: Rose Meets Blanche

Yesterday I picked up not one, but two bizarre ingredients from the grocery store: Rose Water and Orange Flower Water. Why I capitalized those names, I have no idea. It's not like I capitalize Lettuce. Wait, I just did...

Anyway, I can't explain what I was thinking when I blindly shoved the bottles into my shopping basket. It seemed like a life-enhancing thing to buy. Roses, orange blossoms--those are lovely things. It'll be like a garden in my drafty studio! Won't I be fancy?!

As I got home, I thought of all the things I could add it to. Cakes, sorbets, and other things I never ever make. Mostly, I thought I could add a dash of it to an Old-Fashioned or my evening Martini. (again with the capitalization...)

When I opened the bottles, only one thing crossed my mind: Orange water and rose water smell like fairy pee.

I was bothered by the wasteful purchase, until I came up with this cocktail. It's kind of like a margarita, without the Spring Break connotations.

I named it after the two remaining Golden Girls. In it, the rose water cues in on the delicate daintiness of Rose (GET IT?!) while the tequila gives it a decidedly worldly Blanche flair.

Rose Meets Blanche

In a cocktail shaker, combine...

1 1/2 oz. Rosangel Hibiscus-infused tequila (don't look at me like that, it's a tequila that doesn't taste of pennies and that's worth it to me)

3 drops rose water

3 oz grapefruit juice (as the case for the other day, I have lots of grapefruits to use up)

1 tsp. black currant or raspberry syrup

dash lime juice

Shake until frosty, then strain into the fanciest glass you have. For me, it was one that looked like a tulip. A purple one.

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