May 27, 2010

Let's talk tunics...

When I'm not writing about food, decor and entertaining, I also do our mag's fashion pages. Previewing new lines really does a number on your sense of season, I have to say. You're looking at heavy sweaters when it's, say, 90 degrees outside or pretty little dresses when it's sweater weather. And by the time summer rolls around and the pretty little dresses are in shops, you feel like you've been there, done that.

But right now, I've seem to hit the season right as I'm working on a story on beach cover-ups. It's ninety degrees out and I can easily get into the beachy, if I only got to go to the beach...

I found this cute little tunic from, of all places, QVC. I know, QVC! I keep getting sucked into watching that channel when I least expect it. Like, on a Sunday at 4 pm, engrossed in a Richard Simmons segment. Anyway, this tunic is from the Lilly &Van line, which is kinda-sorted related to the Lilly Pulitzer line in that it's designed by the goddaughter of the queen of Pink and Green. Consider it a sneak peek, since the new collection doesn't debut on QVC until June 18th at 2 pm EST.

I'd wear the tunic with denim shorts. And wedge heels. Carrying a mojito...sigh. Is it summer yet?

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