May 24, 2010

Rachel Kramer Bussel of Cupcakes Take The Cake weighs in on bake sales

A few weeks ago, I interviewed the lovely and talented Rachel Kramer Bussel, the founding editor of the equally lovely Cupcakes Take The Cake blog, for an article on having a successful bake sale. (The full article appears in the June 14th issue of First For Women Magazine, on sale today!) My experience with bake sales is a bit outdated (let's say by two decades), to when I manned a table outside the local grocery store for my Girl Scout troop.

My memory is fuzzy, though I can remember that I was bored out of my little skull. It took a while to move any product--until a nice gentleman came by and bought out ¼ of the table. I remembered him not only because he bought so much, but because he was wearing a t-shirt accessorized with a collar, bow tie and formal cuffs.

Years later, I would realize that this man was a Chippendale's dancer.

But if you don't happen to spy any male dancers at your table, I can share one of my favorite tips from Rachel, that didn't make it to print for space reasons:

"If you’re selling cupcakes to kids, color and decoration are key. Kids get very excited about having their specific cupcake; flavor as less important as what it looks like, what’s visually appealing...We’re seeing cupcake toppers made for every occasion, from holidays to major movies like Twilight, as well as elaborate decorations."

So, decorations trump flavor (again, unless there's a Chippendale's dancer nearby). If your clumsy with a piping bag *raises hand*, I would totally stop at the sight of the following cupcake toppers:

(From top, Dynamite Candles, $6.50 for ten from; Chanel-inspired fondant topper, $12 for a dozen, from; Pinwheel Party Picks, $2 for a dozen, from Wilton.)

And a shameless plug: To check out the article in person, look out for the June 14th issue (on-sale between May 24-June 14) of First For Women magazine, available nationwide at most major grocery stores along with Target, Wal-Mart and select Barnes & Noble locations. 

Of course, you should also go run to Cupcakes Take The Cake!

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