Feb 26, 2010

Drawing on a snow day...

It snowed today and there's absolutely nothing else to say about it. Except that it was inconvenient, and that I looked out my front window and saw a man hitch a sled to a mid-size poodle. Really. The poodle didn't look too pleased about it. I couldn't help but think that there is a husky dog on the Champs-Elysees being fed bon-bons thinking, "There must be more to life than this."

Anyway, I took the time between checking emails (my work has a remote connection system that transports me to the internet, circa 1999) to work on the above drawing. It's the Washington Square Arch, circa 1960 or so. I found the photo of it from Lost New York, a great book for cranky young people (hi there!) who feel that they were born in the wrong time. I have the super-old version, which is only superior to the updated version in that it smells of Old Library.

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