Feb 28, 2010

It's the thought that counts...

The location: The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. (Why yes, I do summer there.)
The occasion: Tony Bennett, duh.
The lesson: You don't have to be fancy to make someone feel special and welcome. Or, I really should download my photos sooner, rather than later.

I spent today working on an apron pattern, which made me really productive around my house. Once my brain gets set to do something, it suddenly has an urgent need to do pretty much every task except the thing it set out to do. Did that make sense? While I did get around to constructing a pattern for the apron, I managed to go through my make-up collection, try out some eyeshadows, matted and framed a 60's print depicting the Boston Museum of Art, watched a documentary on Elizabeth Arden and then downloaded 400+ photos that have been sitting on my digital camera since 2008.

But anyway, the photo. Is this not the very definition of an underwhelming welcome? I'm amazed they didn't substitute the E's with 3's.

I'm guessing Mr. Bennett didn't leave his heart in Asbury Park that day.

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