Feb 10, 2010

Raise a toast to Old Abe

If Mr. Lincoln were alive to enjoy this cocktail, he'd most certainly hide it under his hat, so he could enjoy it during his Freedom-Preserving activities. Although, he'd probably have to also hide a microwave or a small induction burner under the hat, too--since this is a concoction best served steaming hot. I've decided to call it a Stovepipe, after old Abe's magical hat.

Here's what you'll need...

From left to right: A small Lincoln statuette (for ambiance), apple cider, a bag of chai-type tea (I use Yogi Tea's Soothing Indian Spice, bought when I had an identity crisisat the grocery store and mistook myself for one of those relaxed yoga ladies) and spiced rum. I prefer Trader Vic's, because I found its label charming. But also, it doesn't have that odd Old Coughdrop taste that many spiced rums have.

For one serving, pour a mug's worth of cider into a saucepan. Toss in a tea bag, let simmer over medium heat for about 5 mins. Once hot, turn the heat off. Add a healthy glug of rum, cover and steep for another 5 mins. Pour into a mug and savor your liberty and various freedoms.

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