Dec 14, 2010

Christmas Favor Idea: Tiny House Boxes

Even though these town house gift boxes (from Martha Stewart, of course) are too charming for words, I will attempt to write about them anyway. The illustration-inspired containers are meant for cookies and such, but with a ribbon they also are keepsake ornaments. The free template is pre-illustrated, but if you'd like to do custom, just trace the box parts onto cardstock and take it from there. I was seriously thinking of doing this with houses inspired from my illustrations, but then discovered that I have absolutely no time during this pre-holiday crunch. Between making aprons for orders, doing the whole "email everyone before they go on vacation" thing and trying to wrap up my gifts, I think I'm getting all of five minutes' sleep each night. It'll be worth it, I keep telling myself...

Hang in there!

Image via Martha Stewart


  1. Aww you should definitely try to do it with your illustrations for next year because they'd go like hotcakes!!!

    - Lindsay

  2. Aw, thank you! I was really thinking about it, perhaps for Valentine's Day/bake sales. The hardest part is folding the things...