Dec 7, 2010

Peek inside the new WSJ Magazine

When Domino magazine went away, it was a pretty big deal over in Magazineland (did you know I work there? Because I do. It's right near "PublishingIsDyingVille" and south of "PanicOpolis"). It was one of the earliest casualties of the shelter magazine folding epidemic of 2007-09. Admittedly, I had a soft spot for them since they kindly featured my old blog on their website, way back when. In 2006. Which makes me feel Internet Old. But because of that mention, I got to have a career in magazine writing, and for that I'm endlessly thankful.

I've since kept all of my issues, which I carefully read and sigh over.

But luckily, Deborah Needleman found a fabulous job as editor-in-chief at the new WSJ magazine. Above is a peek into the decor spread, a tour of Roxy Music front man Bryan Ferry's home. As you can expect, it's got that artsy-chic mix-and-match look that few can pull off. Like the above image of a paint-splattered chair, a gift to Ferry made by (and from) Rolf Sachs. If I had this in my home, my apartment would take on a Hoarders-like feel. In his house, with this looks artsy and fabulous.

Anyway, go look at WSJ and enjoy!


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