Dec 22, 2010

Holiday Messes...

In the middle of organizing gifts, sending out packages, wrapping presents, finding the ornaments, finding my tree (a lovely little white faux tree that is only just now going up today!), fulfilling apron orders, ordering even more gifts for people I forgot, working on articles (on-deadline!), working ahead on articles, planning menus for parties and somewhere, somehow, sleeping, the above mess happened in my studio.

I'm totally into the holiday spirit and all, but I always have trouble keeping things neat and tidy during this time of year. I thought I was alone in this, some sort of yuletide failure, and got tremendously hard on myself...and then I read Pip's inspiring post on how she has the same trouble during the holidays. If Pip, blogging and crafting superstar has trouble keeping her sanity during Christmastime, then I can give myself permission to let myself go a little bit to the messier side of life, albeit temporarily. Everything will be okay, I keep saying...

P.s. That ghostly halo in the corner isn't a spirit, but the light from my laptop. I used my new smartphone, which has the unfortunate tendency to make me feel not-so-smart, to take the photo.

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