Nov 4, 2010

DIY Lattice Wall

Do you remember that lattice wall craze that had a moment in the early 90's? I distinctly remember this on the only two home shows that were on back then, the Christopher Lowell show and the Lynette Jennings show. The backing wall would almost always be painted hunter green and the lattice would be either left natural (if wood) or painted white (or they'd use that plastic version). Extra decor points would be added for an...artful...flourish of fake ivy at the end. Ooh, or stenciled ivy somewhere, that was also pretty big.

But anyway, here's a way, way more modern take on the lattice wall treatment, courtesy of Real Living magazine. (It's an Australian publication that looks a bit like Domino and has tons of ideas.) Here's the DIY instructions. It looks so nice when you paint the wall and lattice the same color, don't you think?

Despite all appearances, it's pretty easy to do. You'd just need a buddy to hold the thing up while you screw it into your wall, but everything else can be cut to your specifications at the Home Depot or whatever home center you frequent. I'd love to see this in an entryway--mostly because it would dramatically increase the storage space in that dump-and-go zone.

Photo via Real Living magazine's MSN page.

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