Nov 24, 2010

A new twist on leaf votives

I had an idea to do a few votive candle cups wrapped in pretty autumn leaves (like this idea from Better Homes & Gardens, via CasaSugar) for my Thanksgiving table, but a glance outside tells me that I missed the boat on that whole "pretty autumn leaves" thing. The trees have nothing to offer up by pathetic little wisps of what used to be leaves. So, I pretty much forgot about that idea...until I saw this neat take on candle and leaf centerpieces, from Sunset Magazine. Though they used skeleton leaves (available here), I could see this working with the "exhausted" leaves that are currently available from the aforementioned trees.

Now, how to get them to stand up? You could secure each leaf to a skewer using a tiny bit of tape, then insert into a piece of Styrofoam. But then you'd have a big hunk of Styrofoam on your table. To cover that up, you can either paint it and cover the exposed sides with ribbon. Or, you can cover the foam (before you insert the leaves with something else), like artificial moss.

Image via Sunset Magazine

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