Oct 10, 2010

Back to school...

...decorating school, that is. Tomorrow evening is Jill Vegas's "School of Speed Decorating", where she'll reveal her secrets to making your living room only look as if it's been made over by a decorator. And yours truly gets to be a VIP guest. Above, is an example of an "after" that Jill did for a client.

She calls it the "bombshell bookcase" and she treats it like a focal point in a room. Overall, it'll take a weekend to do (depending on how big your bookcase is, for those who live in dollhouse-sized studios, ahem, it should be less time). Here are her tips, with some of my notes:

- Remove everything you don't need. I mean, I hold on to textbooks I had in college, which should probably go. Be ruthless and get a friend, so you can avoid justifying why you need that copy of "Chairs Throughout The Ages, 1600-1750".
- Put the books back, but vary the stacks. You should do some vertical stacks, some horizontal. I usually do the coffee-table and oversized books in vertical stacks.
- Add a FEW vases, seashells, decorative items, framed photos. Not too many, or you'll be back to square one with a mess. I usually put framed photos/decorative items on top of the vertically stacked books.
- Install spotlights or add string rope lighting, to lighten up the shelves. I like this tip, but I haven't put it in practice. That's because my shelves aren't roomy enough. But it looks very nice, as you can see above, when you are able to do it.
- Extra credit: If you can, after taking out all the books, either paint the back panel with high-gloss paint, or back it with nice wallpaper.

Anyway, class is tomorrow evening, October 11th, at Knoll Furniture, 79 Ninth Ave, 11th Floor. For more info, visit Jill's site here: http://www.jillvegas.com/events.htm

I'll take plenty of photos and let you know how it goes!


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