Oct 26, 2010

More fabric flowers!

I think that the impending winter/bare tree season is causing me to gravitate more and more towards flower crafts. Such as: These light and airy fabric flowers, as seen on the 100 Layer Cake blog. I'd love to make them, though the step-by-step looks a bit involved, so to speak. You basically cut lots and lots of petals, then stitch them together, which is do-able--however, the reason the filmy fabrics can stand up so well is with careful structural stitching. So really, "involved" wasn't the right word. You'd just need some time and patience. (If only they sold that at etsy!) Directions are here.

I'd use these to decorate sofa pillows, perhaps string some together like a garland, add them to a chandelier, or treat them like regular flowers and create a centerpiece arrangement.

Image via 100 Layer Cake

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