Oct 28, 2010

Fab Organizing Solution: Pegboard

I've always been a huge fan of pegboard. We've used it quite possibly in every room of the house as part of our organizing features at the magazine. But personally, I'm the type of organizer who likes to see everything (which, I guess, doesn't sound like organizing at all, I admit!) in front of me, so pegboard fits the bill. You can hang pretty much anything on it, and once given a coat of paint it doesn't look so office-y.

So anyway, I found a new twist on the standard pegboard set-up on CraftStylish. Instead of inserting hooks into the holes, they thread ribbon through using a thick needle. Then, you simply clip up anything you want using clothespins. Though this particular project is used to organize wedding plans, you could use this easily for inspiration boards, bits of ribbon, invitations/pretty cards/not-so-pretty bills, etc.

Image via CraftStylish.

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