Oct 19, 2010

Favorite Source: Nonpareil Magazine

I know that it's for brides and wedding folk, but one of my favorite sources for crafty/entertaining stories is Nonpareil magazine. It's completely online and features all sorts of easy-ish projects (and there's printable downloads on its site!) along with table-setting ideas. The above photo is the cover of their current issue (#6). I was thinking of using some scraps leftover from my aprons to make the little flowers...it's pretty easy, just taking a strip of fabric, sewing a running stitch, pulling and then pinning to a Styrofoam ball...to do a little autumn centerpiece. (It's especially convenient since I'm working on a few aprons in an autumn color palette of orange, tan and gold.)

Go read it now!


Photo from Nonpareil magazine: http://www.nonpareilmag.com/

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