Oct 26, 2010

Wedding flowers for an autumn bride

Here are a few arrangements that I did with my (business-y) partner in crime, the lovely stylist Shana Ecker, in conjunction with the fabulous Twigs & Buds floral design. Above, bridesmaids bouquets in a plum and pink color palette accented with peacock feathers, then below, a tall table arrangement featuring lilies and orchids.

The surprising part: The bridesmaid bouquets were super-easy. I know they look fancy, but really they just used a hydrangea as a flower frog for the other blooms. Its naturally full, round, bloom-packed head eliminates the need for lots of filler, and it also serves to guide your arrangement (keeping things in a pleasing round shape). Keep that in mind the next time you work with hydrangea!

Photos via Heather Johnson photography. (She's also handy with the flowers!)

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